C.C.JENSEN A/S Metal Castings is a highly specialized Danish company, making castings in a wide range of non-ferrous alloys. Our primary alloy is Nickel Aluminium Bronze (NiAl Bronze) for ship propeller castings.


What do we do?

The C.C.JENSEN A/S Casting Division produces a wide range of castings for customers within:

  • Marine propulsion
  • Power technology
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Food industri

Can we do it for you?

If you need nickel-aluminium bronze casting in the range between 1 and 3,000 kgs or castings in other non-ferrous alloys ranging 1 -50 kgs, we can definitely help you. We handle castings up to 2,000 x 2,000 x 2,000 mm in size


How do we do it?

We hand mould the sand and use an inorganic sodium silicate binder, which is environmentally friendly.We use induction furnaces for the melting process


Our experience is your guarantee

The C.C.JENSEN A/S Foundry has produced castings since the early sixties and marine propulsions parts since 1972. We are therefore the ideal partner for companies seeking a partner for casting.

               Updated: 14.04.2011