marine propulsion


C.C.JENSEN A/S Metal Castings has a long experience as a supplier of castings to the marine industry. Our production of castings for ships propellers is approved by the leading Classification Societies.

We have been producing propeller castings since the early 1970's. Today our tradition and experience is combined with MAGMAsoft computer simulation, which allows us to deliver castings in high quality.
We poduce a wide range of NiAl Bronze components for marine propulsion suchs as Propellerhubs, Protection Guards, Hub Cylinders etc. Up to 3500 kg.

Procedure for new products
We have obtained very good experiences with following a certain procedure when casting a new part for the first time.
First the part is simulated with MAGMAsoft in order to find the optimal casting layout.
Second the part is cast as a 0-series.

Machining & evaluation
In that case if the customer is making the machining -> C.C.JENSEN and its specific customer is making the evaluation together.

The second case if C.C.JENSEN makes the machining -> then C.C.JENSEN makes the evaluation as well.