casting process


C.C.JENSEN A/S Metal Castings manufactures high quality castings in small series.

We produce moulds by hand moulding, and use Sodium Silicate binder. This binder is an inorganic binder which ensures a safe working environment. Further to this, it is gentle to the environment and to the neighbours of our company.

Melting Plant
Melting is made in a 3 tonnes inductotherm electric furnace. Furthermore, the foundry has 2 electrical resistance heated furnaces - each with 1 ton capacity. The total melting capacity is 5 tons Nickel-Alubronze.

For smaller castings in other alloys than Nickel-Alubronze, we use a 100 kg inductotherm electric furnace.

Further below you can see an illustration of our moulding process, production of a propeller hub: